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Genesee Athletics

Mission & Philosophy of Genesee Athletics

Mission & Philosophy of Genesee Athletics


Genesee Community College Athletics program strives to provide a quality and competitive intercollegiate

Athletics program consistent with the National Junior Collegiate Athletics Association (NJCAA) philosophy and the overall educational mission of Genesee Community College. 

Intercollegiate Athletics is sponsored as an educationally purposeful activity that focuses on the individual development of the student-athlete. It emphasizes habits of self-discipline and excellence developed through competitive athletic experiences, learned skills, good sportsmanship, and teamwork with a diverse population of student-athletes. The intercollegiate athletics program will continue to instill in all student-athletes the desire and ability to represent themselves, their team, the department and the college in a positive manner at all times.

The intercollegiate athletics program is committed to the physical and emotional well-being of student-athletes and attempts to promote a positive social, athletic and academic experience. Coinciding with the mission of Genesee Community College, we are committed to the intellectual, personal and professional growth of our student-athletes.  We will strive to encourage student athletes to be a student first and experience Genesee Community College even beyond athletics. 

We are committed to the recruitment and retention of highly motivated student-athletes. We are also committed to the recruitment and retention of coaches and athletics staff personnel who can contribute to the success of our student-athletes to help foster pride, spirit, ethical values, teaching ability, and diversity throughout the college. This ensures that our student athletes and our teams achieve their desired goals.


Participation in collegiate athletics should be an extension of the total educational experience for the student athlete. The inherent philosophy emphasizes the athletic setting as a classroom used to teach character, commitment, work ethic, respect for differences, and the importance of sacrifice, teamwork, and cooperation.

In addition, research has provided us with some valuable insight into the fact that student athletes exhibit higher grade point averages, higher retention rates and higher graduation rates than non-athletes. The direct correlation to participation in extra-curricular activities as a primary predictor of success in later life has been documented in self studies done by both the ACT and SAT testing services.

Participation in athletic endeavors also provides an opportunity for self-expression not found in other venues.  Learning how to win and lose with dignity, pride, grace, and character are traits uniquely developed through the athletic experience.

The main goals of the program are participation and involvement. We believe that our students, through their participation and involvement, have the opportunity to receive many benefits from the athletics program.  We believe that coaches should focus on improving skills, keeping their athletes in good physical condition, promoting the programs image while creating a fun and positive experience. 

The Athletics department hopes to accomplish these goals by meeting these objectives:

  • Assuring that the athletics program supports the institutions’ educational mission
  • Hiring qualified, dedicated coaches who take a sincere interest in student athletes and exhibit fairness, openness, respect and honesty in their relationships with student athletes.
  • Encouraging the development of sportsmanship and positive societal attitudes in all constituents, including student athletes, coaches, administrative personnel, and spectators.
  • Providing the opportunity for competition both within and outside the conference and region, and supporting student athletes in their efforts to reach higher levels of athletic performance including national championship competition.
  • Encouraging students’ participation by maximizing the number and variety of athletics opportunities.
  • Providing equitable athletics opportunities for males and females and giving equal emphasis to men’s and women’s sports.
  • Supporting ethnic and gender diversity for all constituents.