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Genesee Athletics

Cougar Soccer Program Leads Academic All-Region Student-Athletes from GCC

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National Junior College Athletic Association's Region III released its Academic All-Region honorees with 37 student-athletes coming from Genesee Community College.

Collectively, the soccer programs had almost one-third of that total with 11 to lead all Cougar sport programs. From an individual team perspective, the men's soccer team had the most with seven selections, followed by the swimming and diving team with five.

The list contains 470 total names that average to about 12.5 per-school in the region.

Genesee is nearly three-times higher than the average.

The criteria included a combined 24 semester hours of coursework over the calendar year with a minimum GPA of 3.5 and includes the following student-athletes (by team):

Men's Soccer (7):  Kyle McMillen, Gaurav Cheema, Glenn Homles, Tate Dean, David Ormiston, Benjamin Wattis, Phillp Melo;

Swimming and Diving (5):  Angel Priest, Alex Bookmiller, Ryan Mahaney, Nanako Shiozawa, Natalie Amico;

Women's Soccer (4):  Jayna Wright, Allison Becker, Kail Wright, Molly Reyngoudt;

Golf (4):  Matthew McCoy, Evan Kerl, Brock Kerbs, Matthew Do Nascimento;

Softball (3):  Brittni Way, Shiori Ubukata, Maki Iwami;

Volleyball (3):  Lyndsey Rowland, Aleah Foos, Rebecca Dominesey;

Women's Basketball (3):  Reika Murota, Sierra Chudy, Rosalyn Sealey;

Women's Lacrosse (3):  Molly Barden, Nao Maeda, Sayaka Miura;

Men's Basketball (2):  Savon Williams, Caylen Williams;

Men's Lacrosse (2):  Collin Tolsma, Patrick Shea;

Baseball:  Colin Noeth.